11 Mistakes Travelers Make in Las Vegas — and How to Avoid Them

One of the most popular travel destinations in the United States, Las Vegas is home to several luxury hotels, retail shops, theatres, celebrity chef restaurants, and of course, casinos.

The availability of multiple-choice locations makes it difficult for first-timers to determine where to visit and what to do during their stay. There are different ways to have fun in Las Vegas and if you’re not careful, you can also end up spending more money than you bargained for.

Having a plan while in the famed ‘Sin City’ is very important, according to Anthony Curtis, owner of Las Vegas Advisor. Due to how competitive the region is, businesses are always trying to attract visitors with different juicy offers and your only obligation is to find them, said Curtis.

“Look around. If you see a magazine, open it up, and see what’s inside. Don’t just do the first thing you see; look around a little bit until you find the best deal,” he said in a report.

Many may argue that being financially prudent is near impossible in Vegas. But with a town full of people trying to get a huge chunk of your wallet, having a plan is important. Here are some common mistakes travellers make when visiting Las Vegas and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Not having a travel plan

While spontaneity is part of having fun on any trip, particularly in Vegas but planning ahead of your visit would go a long way in making your stay more pleasurable.

If you’re visiting during peak periods like spring break, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, booking reservations ahead of time would help you avoid the rush and most times, price inflation.

2. Betting wildly at the casino

What’s a Las Vegas trip without trying your hands out on a few games at a casino. Despite the pandemic offering players online slots for real money, some people still like to feel the thrill of being in a land-based casino in Vegas.

However, before you hurriedly grab a seat at a poker table or throw in money into a slot machine, be sure you are aware of how the gameplay works. More often than not, you will lose more money than you win and that’s why Derek Stevens, owner of a downtown casino in Vegas advises beginners to only try out slots.

3. Not hiring a private car

There are different transportation options in Vegas; from taxis to monorails, rideshares and trams. But if you’re keen on sightseeing, then hiring a driver to give you a mini-tour of the city is much cheaper than riding around.

For $50 per hour, you can get a comfortable neat and air-conditioned sedan or Limo to chauffeur you around this city. When compared to hiring numerous Uber of Lyft rides, hiring a driver is a lot more cost-saving.

 4. Waiting for airport car rentals

For several reasons, many Las Vegas travellers prefer to drive themselves around but one mistake you would make is waiting on the airport’s car rental service.

Not only would you have to struggle to get on a long waiting line for airport car rentals, but you also run the risk of being liable to pay the exorbitant concession recovery fees. Your best option is to choose a car rental service close to your hotel after you must’ve checked in.

5. Failing to tip

There’s always a large crowd at most popular venues in Las Vegas, especially at certain times of the year.

If you’re looking to have a good time and haven’t made any reservations, being a generous tipper can get you ahead in Vegas, especially at restaurants, concerts and bars.

“Make sure you’re tipping the valets, bartenders, and cocktail servers. They always have a pretty good idea of [what’s out there.] If you need tickets to a Celine Dion show or something, they might be able to point you in the right direction,” said Stevens.

6. Failing to check the Las Vegas events calendar

It is important to know what events are happening in Vegas during your visit to avoid being crammed up in a massive crowd.

Once you know what the peak event periods are, you can choose to avoid them if you’re looking for a less-congested travel experience. Otherwise, you would have to compete for everything, from car rentals to hotel and dinner reservations.

7. Overpacking

It is advisable to limit the amount of luggage you have to just a carry-on when travelling to Vegas. This would help you avoid having to struggle with many bags when getting out of the McCarran International Airport.

You don’t have to worry about running out of clothes because Vegan has lots of retail and gift stores where you can always shop for new items.

8. Missing out on deals

Every frequent traveller knows that there are popular aggregator sites where you can get the best deals on hotels. However, there are also other ways to save money on your Vegas hotel reservations.

Some high-end hotels like Four Seasons, Aria and Bellagio offer guests different incentives like free daily breakfast and $100 worth of spa credit. These offers can help you save money on food and spa treatments, among other things.

9. Not knowing if the pools are heated

While the weather in Vegas is typically hot and bikini-worthy, during months like January and February, temperatures can drop to as low as 30°C at night.

If you’re a huge fan of bathing up in the sun by a pool, then you can either visit during warmer months or choose a hotel that has a heated pool all year round.

10. Not visiting downtown Vegas

Most first-time travellers to Vegas are always infatuated by the Las Vegas Strip that they never bother to visit anywhere else.

However, one easily overlooked part of Vegas by visitors is downtown which provides a much pedestrian-friendly experience and better value for money. You don’t have to pay top-end dollars for a steak dinner as you would at the Strip, but the food would taste just as delicious.

11. Missing out on the ‘fourth meal’

A wild night out in Vegas is never complete until you have tried one of the iconic late-night restaurants. While the pandemic has affected a lot of popular outlets, there are still some amazing spots to find some of the best finger-licking meals you can get.

So, before you get cosy in your hotel bed, make some time for an additional meal to complete your Vegas adventure.

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