BâtonRouge Steakhouse and Bar

Since 1992, Bâton Rougesteakhouse and bar doesn’t compromise when it comes to taste. From delicious ribs to the tender steaks, all of the meals available at BâtonRouge are freshly prepared on site and only the best quality ingredients are used in their dishes. At theBâtonRouge steakhouse and bar, the passion for the restaurant business and satisfying everyone’s palate is said to be this restaurant’s core. Out of all the restaurants in Ottawa, here are the reasons why you need to visit a Bâton Rouge steakhouse and bar and what to expect from your dining experience.

About Bâton Rouge

To ensure the dishes are served to an impeccable standard consistently, the longer route is taken when it comes to the dish prep, but the results that can be tasted make it worth all of the effort. A bite from every dish has been perfected by experts to taste the Bâton Rouge Way. Thanks to this obsession to detail, guests receive a fantastic culinary experience.

The Food

There are a number of delicious food choices available to you. The ribs and the steaks are what Bâton Rouge is famous for, but you can also enjoy a range of tasty pasta dishes, salads, chicken, seafood and burgers. At the Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & bar in Ottawa, you can sit and enjoy a full three-course meal at dinner time. If it’s lunch you’re after, there are some great choices available on their lunch menu, including some unique sandwiches.

The Drinks

At Bâton Rouge, expect to make some tricky decisions when it comes to what drink you want to accompany your meal. With most of the signature dishes consisting of meat, there is a range of fantastic wines on offer, which have been selected and stocked to compliment the meals they are served with. If wine isn’t your thing or you want to try something completely new, then take a look at their cocktail menu, where you can find a variety of original and traditional cocktails, such as a strawberry daiquiri or margarita.


Bâton Rouge restaurants believe that the decision to open up a franchise in the restaurant industry must be well-informed and clear. All of the aspects that surround the investment as well as its undertakings need to be understood. Bâton Rouge has several areas where they are looking to open new restaurants. If you already have a restaurant and want to join this sector, get in contact with a Bâton Rouge steakhouse and bar today.

Find a Restaurant

Bâton Rouge has restaurants located all over the place. If you enjoy the food and you are interested in finding a restaurant in the area you are in, then take a look at the Bâton Rouge steakhouse and bar website and put in your location to find your closest restaurant.

With so much choice, Bâton Rouge steakhouse and bar is somewhere you should definitely think about going if you are in Ottawa or any of the other restaurant locations. The wide variety of award-winning food is fresh and can cater for a large number of different palates. Take yourself there today to see what all the fuss is about.

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