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  • LCBO

    You’re invited to a special wine and cheese event.  Sampke New Word versus Old World Wines – Up to 9 or 10 diffrent wines. Usually wine tasting events can be $60 or more.  However, I have negotiated an event price of $29.00 (early bird) before December 15th or $33 after read more

  • Le Rituel Restaurant

    Le Rituel Restaurant offers 5-star cabane à sucre cuisine. If their cuisine is as amazing  as last Spring’s, you will be in for a great treat. Last year I went to their cabane à sucre four times. It was that amazing. Le Rituel Restaurant is a resto on the property read more

  • Light Of India Restaurant

    Are you seeking an awesome brunch buffet? Look no further than Light of India in the Glebe. I try to avoid lunch buffets in general. But I make an exception for Light of India. This family-owned restaurant takes great pride in the quality of their food and public health areas read more

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